Middle Trace-Territory

Middle Trace (work in progress) “Middle Trace” is a visual diversification inspired by geography, history, and a reformulation of shapes associated with the Mediterranean region. This melting pot region has been a point of encounter and conflict since immemorial. Middle-Trace-1 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 7

With Us, It’s Different

With Us, It’s Different is questioning the idea of the cultural peculiarity and its symbols, with which members of different groups can identify themselves. The series is based on mixing familiar forms as well as creating hybrid forms. BEI UNS ES IST ANDERS Die Überzeugung, dass wir verschieden sind, ist an sich eine Gemeinsamkeit verschiedener …

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DID NOT HAPPEN - Ahmed Kamel

Did Not Happen

Did Not Happen For several years, Ahmed Kamel has been working on the issue of conflict – on the personal as well as the political level. In this work, which has been realised during his artist in residency at the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs, he focuses on how power can be used to influence …

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Spiral-drawing-41cmx30cm-pen on paper, 2010 Spiral usually emerges from a small point; dramatically moving and growing like a fire/snowball. It might get intertwined and spread like cancer, or it might appear agile and systematic. It is a complex composite, and the conflict between its lines is not easy to solve, whether it is an inner or …

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