From dimness to total darkness, they live. This is the condition of some of the injured in different ages who partly or totally lost their precious eyes during the Egyptian uprising. In these photos series , they have chosen the way to be gathered with their beloved … Read More »


The colored empty buildings scattered among the sand are recently built and still deserted or barely inhabited; waiting to come alive. These mostly systematic divisions are projected to be part of the metropolis at a future date. The images are captured at night in the diffusing light of the … Read More »

Local Star

“Kindly attend the photo session in the most splendid image”.That was a part of an announcement the artist did under the title “dream star”, inviting people who have the wish to become a star. In a simple empty studio-room each of them chose their … Read More »

Shop – Abutting

Ard El Lewa consists of long narrow streets with high dwelling houses on both sides.In this area you can find all kinds of shops – one after another, and almost every building includes various commercial activities. ArtElLewa contemporary art showroom imitates these shops; A small … Read More »

Deep Sleep

”Deep sleep”, which is done in a private intimate space – in the night as well as in the daytime – contains on one side moments of sleep as a passive status, on the other side left out sleeping areas: rumpled layers of covers, covered faces and … Read More »

Dreamy Day

I use the medium of photography as a form for exploring social issues, focusing on mundane daily or occasional events. These visual representations can provide clues about people in a certain society and their lives, and act as a marker of their social and cultural background, often as … Read More »

Sowar Min El Salon

“Family members in the context and privacy of their own homes have chosen their own way to gather in their living room and present themselves to the outside world.” Domestic and social structures have had quite an big impact on my artwork. I have portrayed different social … Read More »

Home – The Self

Home and its interiors are loaded with visual fragments of personal histories, tastes, and aspirations. In other words, home can provide clues about its residents and their lives as a marker of their social and cultural background and mainly as a refuge and reinforcement of identity. That is … Read More »