Selected Artwork

Ahmed Kamel is an Egyptian multi-disciplinary artist. He deals with the self-image and its visual representation on an individual and group level, as well as the encounter between different communities. Between observation and recontextualization, the artist uses various media such as photography, video, drawing, and installation… Read More »

With Us, It’s Different

is questioning the idea of the cultural peculiarity and its symbols, with which members of different groups can identify themselves. The series is based on mixing familiar forms as well as creating hybrid forms… Read More »

Did Not Happen

DID NOT HAPPEN - Ahmed Kamel

focuses on the influence of authority on individual and public perceptions, thus changing collective memory and subsequently the official course of history. Despite highly developed tools for documenting details, it is still possible to manipulate the overall picture. Even eyewitnesses can begin to doubt what they saw with their own eyes. Did Not Happen is multidisciplinary… Read More »

About Paradise

Is a film based on several testimonies that have been collected from protagonists coming from Egypt and Germany. They narrate their personal as well as culturally minded imagination about paradise and their idea of life after death. The film shows some scenes from two pilgrims’ journeys (Mecca and the Way Of Saint James). These kinds of voyages – through history and even before the three religions – represent the way to God, they are mostly mixed with the hope of having the prize, the paradise… Read More »


usually emerges from a small point; dramatically moving and growing like a fire/snowball. It might get intertwined and spread like cancer, or it might appear agile and systematic. It is a complex composite, and the conflict between its lines is not easy to solve, whether it is an inner or an external, multi-layered conflict. This fluent dynamic of the conflict constantly seeks its escalation, leading to its core or an undefined position within its endless possibilities… Read More »