Selected Artwork

Ahmed Kamel is an Egyptian multi-disciplinary artist. He deals with the self-image and its visual representation on an individual and group level, as well as the encounter between different communities. Between observation and recontextualization, the artist uses various media such as photography, video, drawing, and installation… Read More »

With Us It’s Different

The belief that we are different is, in itself, a commonality between different groups. Each of them has its own symbols that its members can identify with. The familiar shapes, materials and textures have the power to resurrect deeply rooted memories and to create moments of nostalgia… Read More »

Did Not Happen

DID NOT HAPPEN - Ahmed Kamel

For several years, Ahmed Kamel has been working on the issue of conflict – on the personal as well as the political level. In this work, which has been realised during his artist in residency at the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs, he focuses on how power can be used to influence … Read More »

About Paradise

The different perceptions of what may come after death have been influencing people´s way of life ever since and across cultures. The 22 min film juxtaposes testimonies from protagonists from Egypt and Germany, who narrate their personal as well as their culturally coined imaginations of paradise or the after-life … Read More »


A spiral usually emerges from a small point; dramatically moving and growing like a fire/snow-ball. It might get intertwined and spread like cancer, or it might appear agile and systematic. In any case it is a complex composite, and the conflict between its lines is not easy to solve, whether … Read More »