Barsha Kalam

Barsha Kalam Video, 43 mins, Tunisia, 2017How is that possible? The Tunisian people managed to peacefully overthrow a dictator and to establish a democracy, while disproportionally many radical Islamistic fighters are coming from the very same country. This question was spinning in my mind.Additionally, I was confronted with questions about the current Arab lifestyle in my […]

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About Paradise

To watch the video, please contact the artist (auch mit Deutschen Untertitel) About Paradise In this film, we listen to testimonies collected from Egyptian and German protagonists that narrate their personal as well as culturally minded imaginations about what might come after death and their considerations of paradise. While watching scenes that I have made

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To watch the video please contact the artist. Monologue Video and found footage, 4:50 minsMonologue consciously splices together archive clips of old made-for-tv nationalist song and dance extravaganzas, intercut with very dry, urban video footage and abstract sound. The lack of context, persona, narrative or even perceptible intent in the video footage is in strong

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