Extension Photo series, Cairo, 2006-2011 The colored empty buildings scattered among the sand are recently built and still deserted or barely inhabited, waiting to come alive. These mostly systematic divisions are projected to be part of the metropolis at a future date. The images are captured at night in the diffusing light of the street […]

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Sight Photo series, Cairo, 2012 From dimness to total darkness, they live. This is the condition of some wounded people of different ages who partly or fully lost their precious eyes during the Egyptian uprising in 2011. In this photo series, they have chosen the way to be gathered with their beloved person. They have

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Local Star

Local Star Photo series, Cairo, 2009-2010 This photo series started with the following announcement, inviting people who were dreaming of being stars: “Kindly attend the photo session in the most splendid look”. In an empty studio room, each of them chose a pose that either reflected their perception or their ideal star. Then they expressed

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Shop – Abutting

Shop – Abutting Photo series, Cairo, 2009 This series shows owners and workers standing in front of their little private shops. They often spend most of their time there, which makes those shops like a second home for them. That sometimes leads to a visual similarity between them and their places. The photos were taken

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Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep Photo series, Cairo, 2008 This series has been captured in private sleeping spaces:Some images show covered faces and body limbs in their sleeping passive status in the darkness. The other images show left-out sleeping spots with some rumpled layers of cover under daylight. It is a reflection on the various possibilities of reading

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Dreamy Day

Dreamy Day Photo series, Cairo, 2004-2008 The preconceived ideas of what the self-image should be reinforce an idealized notion of social identity. In many societies, this dynamic is extremely expressed in wedding events, for example, in Cairo. It is important for the bride, groom, and their families to put in effort to create a representative,

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Family Portraits

Family Portraits Photo series, Cairo, Berlin, Istanbul and Amsterdam, 2003-2008 Family members, in the context and privacy of their own homes, have chosen their way to gather in their living room and present themselves to the outside world. The preconceived ideas of self-image reinforce an idealized notion of social identity. This creates a mixture between

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Home – The Self

Home – The Self Photo series, Cairo, 2003-2008 Home and its interiors are loaded with visual fragments of personal histories, tastes, and aspirations. In other words, a home can provide clues about its residents and their lives as a marker of their social and cultural background and mainly as a refuge and reinforcement of identity.

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