The Book

The Book Drawings, pen on paper, (video loop), 2014The book declares, describes, explains, instructs and sometimes asks questions. Some books are everlasting and others vanish by time. Some books have been distort or misinterpreted or diverted from its meaning. In the most of the times, the book works as a symbol of orientation and a […]

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Repetitive Units

Repetitive Units By the birth, the soul connects to the body and gets out only with death after a certain time of life and unit is repeated. At the time of death, there are people who sparkle a little water on the grave to lessen the heat of the soul and others light candles to

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Hypothetical Society

Hypothetical Society Drawing series, 2009What I call hypothetical society is a communication of internet technology, allowing “friends” – know or do not know each other in “real life“ – to have access to their picture profiles. The people who are representing themselves in these picture profiles are mostly aware of their posing, clothing, mimic –

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